Luke Littler confirmed his place in the play-offs after recording his fourth nightly win of the BetMGM Premier League to further extend his lead at the summit of the table. Extending his lead over his nearest challenger – the World Number One – by an astounding eight points.

It was a night where the high checkouts and scoring powers of the Warrington Wonderkid shone through and proved to be pivotal in making it successive nightly wins.

Over the course of the Nuke’s three games, he only dropped a ten legs.

Luke Littler cements his place in the top four of the 2024 BetMGM Premier League Darts
Luke Littler cements his place in the top four of the 2024 BetMGM Premier League Credit: PDC

The Nuke yet to be detonated

Littler advanced to the Semi-Finals courtesy of to three consecutive 140 visits in the last leg against Nathan Aspinall. Many predicted that this would be the quarter final to watch, and it was easy to see why when eight 180s were delivered throughout eleven legs.

In the semi-final, the rising star put on a dazzling performance, averaging an incredible 110.10 against former World Number One Michael Smith. Littler gave the Bully Boy very little chances, but Smith nailed his single dart at double in Leg 2.

Luke Littler pinned three ton plus outshots, including 144, 124, and 105, on his way to a dominating darting performance that saw him win by six legs to one.

Finally, he would face Rob Cross in the finals, where it was another 100+ average, albeit missed darts at doubles gave Voltage hope, but after leg eight, it was one-way traffic as Littler wrapped his three successive legs to win and won 6-4 for his second consecutive nightly week in the BetMGM Premier League.

How it looks after Night Fourteen of the 2024 BetMGM Premier League. Credit: PDC.

Cross’s road to the final was unconventional, since he won by a single leg on each occasion. Despite Michael van Gerwen’s boosting  the second highest average of the night (108.33), Voltage advanced to the Semi-Finals due to well-timed finishing and steady throwing.

In the semi-finals, Cross faced Luke Humphries, with Rob Cross winning five legs to three after the first eight legs.

Despite only needing one leg to seal the victory, two legs on the bounce made for a tense conclusion, but Cross eventually won in the last leg.

Missed darts at double proved crucial once more for Humphries, who had three more than Cross, resulting in a checkout percentage of only 26.32% compared to Voltage’s 37.50%. Allowing Cross to progress to yet another final in the BetMGM Premier League.

Elsewhere in the Premier League

Once again, Peter Wright’s problems continue as he waits for his first nightly win of the new season; despite firing five maximums, it wasn’t enough to defeat the Bully Boy challenge. Ultimately, falling short by a score of 6–4.

Peter Wright and Michael Smith square once again in the 2024 BetMGM Premier League Darts.
Peter Wright and Michael Smith face off once again in the 2024 Premier League tonight. Credit: PDC

Gerwyn Price had to withdraw from Night Fourteen of the BetMGM Premier League due to an unexpected back injury, leaving him in seventh place with a mere twelve points.

The Iceman suffers another blow in the 2024 BetMGM Premier League

Luke Humphries proceeded to the semi finals against Rob Cross, but only managed a 94.87 average, resulting in his elimination. However, this confirmed his spot in the play-offs for the crucial sixteenth week.

Luke Humphries waiting for another nightly victory in 2024 BetMGM Premier League Darts
Luke Humphries remains in second place in the 2024 BetMGM Premier League Darts. Credit: PDC

Michael Smith also crashed out at the semi-final stage, closing the deficit on the play-offs to a just two points and putting pressure on Michael van Gerwen, who fell at the first hurdle against Rob Cross. With two weeks remaining, the couple still have everything to play for.

Michael Smith closes the gap once again in the 2024 Premier League Darts table
Michael Smith picked up two crucial points in the race for the Play-Offs. Credit: PDC

Finally, and by no means Night Twelve victor and current Matchplay Champion, Nathan Aspinall would lose in the first round to the eventual winner, Luke Littler, reducing his lead over Michael Smith to a mere three points, leaving the final two spots up for grabs ahead of next week’s trip to Leeds.

BetMGM Premier League – Night Fourteen Results

P&J Live, Aberdeen


Luke Littler 6-4 Rob Cross

Semi Finals

Rob Cross 6-5 Luke Humphries

Michael Smith 1-6 Luke Littler

Quarter Finals

Peter Wright 4-6 Michael Smith

Luke Littler 6-5 Nathan Aspinall

Gerwyn Price A-W Luke Humphries

Michael van Gerwen 5-6 Rob Cross