Martin Adams “We Buried it (The BDO) with Olly Croft’

Adams sat down with Online Darts during the Online Darts Live League and spoke about how he still loves the game but was lost for words when Des Jacklin was voted back in as BDO Chairman. Admitting that he ” Could not believe what he was reading.”

Wolfie, the former three-time BDO World Champion, is currently playing in the Modus Online Live League, but took time to have a conversation with Online Darts last week.

Still competing at the age of 64, hitting ton-plus averages and hitting nine-dart legs. Perhaps no one is better placed to discuss the recent decline of the governing body.

Martin Adams "We Buried it (The BDO) with Olly Croft
Martin Adams “We Buried it (The BDO) with Olly Croft’

A much talked about topic within the BDO over the last 18 months has been the World Championship prize money, and that’s exactly where Wolfie began.

‘What possess a chairman of an organisation to walk away from over three hundred grands worth of prize money is just beyond my belief, I just can’t see why’.

‘I did speak to Mr Potter about it, the owner of the Lakeside, and his comment was I cannot negotiate with that man’

Perhaps the most damming line came shortly after. ‘It’s gone, it’s dead, it’s buried, and I think we buried it with Olly Croft’

Adams also spoke about how the iconic Lakeside, Frimley Green become synonymous with the BDO World Championship before moving on to discuss the current management regime in more depth.

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You can watch the full interview with Adams below