Michael Smith asked Phil Taylor for advice on how to deal with being World Champion ” Learn the world no”

Michael Smith revealed that he recently received advice on how to deal with being a World Champion from the great Phil Taylor, with ‘The Power’ of course completing the feat 16 times.

Smith won his first title earlier this year and, by his own admission, has struggled with the weight of being World Champion at times.

Being pulled from pillar to post with everyone wanting a piece of him, is something that Smith has struggled with and limited his practice time.

So at a recent exhibition with Taylor, BullyBoy sealed some advice from the greatest of all time. 

“The only thing that has annoyed me this year is every time I try and go and practice, Dave Allen (Head of Media for PDC) goes and rings me like Mike can you do this, can you do that,” Smith joked.

“The biggest downfall for me is being World Champion and not enjoying it. I’m putting too much pressure on myself going Mike you’re World Number One, you should be playing like a World Number One. Instead of just enjoying it and relaxing. This year you’ve seen a couple of moments where I’ve done it and I’ve relaxed and chilled.”

“It’s my first time, I spoke to Phil (Taylor) last week at an exhibition and asked how he dealt with it. I said Phil you’ve won 16, how do you do it. He just said no. I’m like what do you mean, I’m asking for your advice. He went I’m just telling you learn the word no.”

“The second time I win it will be a lot easier than this one.”