Suzuki ends the streak and shares day two titles with Greaves

Mikuru Suzuki ended Beau Greaves‘ incredible winning streak on the PDC Women’s Series as the pair shared the titles in Leicester on Sunday.

Greaves has dominated the Women’s Series since last summer, winning the final eight events of the 2022 season before adding two more titles on Saturday as the 2023 season began.

That double victory, which earned Greaves £4,000 in prize money on Saturday, extended her unbeaten streak to 66 matches, and she won her first four games in Sunday’s Event Three to keep that streak going at the Morningside Arena.

However, Suzuki of Japan won 5-4 in their quarter-final match to end Greaves’ run at 70 matches and deny the teenager an 11th consecutive title.

Suzuki went on to win the title, defeating Trina Gulliver 5-0 in the semi-finals and dropping only one leg in the final against Rhian O’Sullivan of Wales.

Suzuki’s victory was her second since the Women’s Series’ inception, having previously won Event 12 in 2021 before reaching five finals last year.

Greaves came back in Sunday’s Event Four to win her third title of the season and reaffirm her Women’s Series dominance.

She won her first four matches without dropping a leg, including a 107 average against Casey Gallagher, before defeating Kirsty Hutchinson in the quarter-finals 5-1.

The Doncaster star then defeated Suzuki 5-4 in the semi-finals before easily defeating Ireland’s Robyn Byrne in the final.

Suzuki ends the streak and shares day two titles with Greaves (PDC)
Suzuki ends the streak and shares day two titles with Greaves (PDC)

“It’s been a really good weekend,” said Greaves, who admitted that the pressure of her winning streak eventually took its toll.

 “Ten tournaments in a row has been brilliant but I’m glad it’s over. It’s hard not to think about it, you are waiting to lose but it’s history now.

 “I really struggled with everything today, with the way I’m throwing [the dart] and I’ve not focused on all the stuff I should be focusing on.

 “To be fair to Mikuru, I was actually thankful to lose – in the long run it will do me a load of good. I’m happy that I can start afresh now.

 “I’ve had some really good games, I played steady today but in some games I was really good and confident and in others I just lacked it a bit.”


2023 PDC Women’s Series

Sunday February 26

Morningside Arena, Leicester

Event Three


Mikuru Suzuki 5-4 Beau Greaves

Trina Gulliver 5-0 Kirsi Viinikainen

Lorraine Winstanley 5-2 Priscilla Steenbergen

Rhian O’Sullivan 5-4 Noa-Lynn van Leuven



Mikuru Suzuki 5-0 Trina Gulliver

Rhian O’Sullivan 5-1 Lorraine Winstanley



Mikuru Suzuki 5-1 Rhian O’Sullivan


Event Four


Robyn Byrne 5-4 Noa-Lynn van Leuven

Kim Holden 5-2 Lorraine Winstanley

Beau Greaves 5-1 Kirsty Hutchinson

Mikuru Suzuki 5-1 Lisa Ashton



Robyn Byrne 5-2 Kim Holden

Beau Greaves 5-4 Mikuru Suzuki



Beau Greaves 5-0 Robyn Byrne