Michael van Gerwen “I’m sick of losing.”

MvG sent a statement to the rest of the Premier League field as he demolished Dimitri Van Den Bergh 8-3 with a 109.96 average. After MvG told us that he was “Sick of losing.”

The three-times champion of the world is yet to win a title in 2021 and has been inconsistent in the Premier League so far. After an imperfect Super Series in Germany, van Gerwen was keen to put that right last night.

Michael van Gerwen "I
Michael van Gerwen “I’m sick of losing.” (PDC)

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Speaking in his media with us after van Gerwen also said that players would be naive to think that he wasn’t capable anymore.

“I’m over the moon, especially when you put on a display like this, and after last week, I also demand a lot of myself because last week in Germany, I had a poor performance,”

“But that also makes you a stronger dart player, and you can use that and learn from it, and it’s not always that easy, but you need to try to make the most of it, and I put a lot of energy and a lot of time into my game.”

“I’m always critical of myself because I also know what I’m capable of. I need to look to the future, but you can see it’s still there. There’s more in the tank, but it’s there.”

“How can I be happy with a performance like that. I had a few good games. Things like that can happen in darts, but you need to try to change that around and try to get energy from it.

“I don’t have to send a message; people will be really naïve I they don’t know what I’m capable of. They all know what I can do. I’m sick of losing. I’m sick of losing games I shouldn’t lose.”

“I want to win this Premier League that’s the most important thing.”