PDC Development Tour Day 2 Roundup – Maiden Tour Titles For Taylor and Meek

With the PDC Development Tour returning yesterday, we had four more events, two each in Milton Keynes and Niedernhausen

We have another day of action tomorrow, with six events being completed at each venue this weekend.

In Milton Keynes we saw yesterdays runner up in both events Dom Taylor, take the first title of the day, before losing in the second event to Liam Meek

In event three Dom defeated Jack Male in final after defeating, William Blackwell (4-1), Daniel Perry (4-1) Brandon Western (4-0), Lewis Pride (4-1), Harry Jackson (5-3), Nathan Girvan (5-1) and Male (5-4)

Dom Taylor couldn’t complete the perfect day, as Liam Meek beat him in the final. Liam’s route to final included impressive wins against PDC Tour Card holders Keane Barry (4-3) & Lewis Williams (5-3). Liam finished the day with a win against the man in form this weekend, Dom Taylor (5-3).

Niedernhausen in Germany was the host of the European Development Tour.

The theme continued in Europe as well, with no player able to win multiple titles so far this weekend. Kevin Doets picked up the first title of the day, with Niels Zonneveld taking the second

We had a noble in event three with Doets getting the better of Mike van Duivenbode after defeating, Maximillian Kiessling (4-1), Nico Krause (4-1), Owen Roelofs (4-1), Gian van Veel (4-0) Youri Brouwer (5-3), Bradly Roes (5-2) and Mike van Duivenbode (5-4)

After defeating Geert Nentjes in the final, Niels Zonneveld won his first tour title. His route to the final consisted of impressive wins over Marcel Gerdon (4-1),  Mike van Duivenbode  (5-0) and Nico Kurz (5-1) in the latter stages.

PDC Development Tour Day 2 Roundup
PDC Development Tour Day 2 Roundup (PDC)



Results PDC UK Development Tour Three


Nathan Girvan 5-3 Alex Jacques
Dom Taylor 5-3 Harry Jackson
Liam Meek 5-0 Lewis Gurney
Jack Male 5-3 Craig Gaillano


Dom Taylor 5-1 Nathan Girvan
Jack Male 5 – 3 Liam Meek


Dom Taylor 5-4 Jack Male

Results PDC European Development Tour Three


Bradly Roes 5-3 Tobias Scheifl
Kevin Doets 5-3 Youri Brouwer
Jurjen van der Velde 5-0 Maikel Verbek
Mike van Duivenbode 5-3 Niels Zonneveld


Kevin Doets 5-2 Bradly Roes
Mike van Duivenbode 5-2 Jurjen van der Velde


Kevin Doets 5-4 Mike van Duivenbode

PDC UK Development Tour Event Four


Dom Taylor 5-4 Jarred Cole
Keelan Kay 5-4 Cameron Anderson
Liam Meek 5-1 Craig Galliano
Lewis Williams 5-1 Nathan Girvan


Dom Taylor 5-4 Keelan Kay
Liam Meek 5-3 Lewis Williams

Liam Meek 5 – 3 Dom Taylor

PDC European Development Tour Event  Four


Geert Nentjes 5-3 Rusty-Jake Rodriguez
Gillian Koehoorn 5-3 Joost Geurts
Niels Zonneveld 5-0 Mike van Duivenbode
Nico Kurz 5-3 Adam Gawlas


Geert Nentjes 5-3 Gillian Koehoorn
Niels Zonneveld 5-1 Nico Kurz


Niels Zonneveld 5-3 Geert Nentjes