Thornton ranks defending the World Seniors Title as the best of his career.

Robert Thornton retained his World Seniors crown and instantly put it at the top of his achievements in the sport.

Thornton has a glowing CV winning the UK open and world Grand Prix during his PDC career.  The Scot won the inaugural world seniors world championship last year at the circus Tavern, and this year returned and defended the title.

The Thorn revealed that this was even more special because it’s the first TV title he has ever defended.

His family drove through the night to be there to see him lift the trophy as an emotional Thornton spoke to us afterwards.

Thornton ranks defending the World Seniors title as the best of his career 
Thornton ranks defending the World Seniors title as the best of his career 

“It’s massive because that is the very first TV tournament I’ve actually defended and won so it makes it extra special,” 

“Are you serious, that is the nicest trophy I’ve ever seen. It ranks at the top, the very top. It makes it special because I’ve defended it.”

“My daughter phoned me at 9am this morning, she went I’ll be with you in two hours, I went what do you mean you’ll be with me in two hours. She went we drove down, left at 3am this morning. To win it with them here with me is amazing,” added a speechless Thornton.

“If you look at the field this year, it was absolutely immense. You’ve got Neil Duff, Gates, Scott Mitchell. I don’t think there’s a ceiling, it’s only going to get bigger. There’s so many Seniors that want to play darts but they can’t go Q-School so they can come and do this.”

“It wasn’t a tough decision, there’s less travelling with the Seniors. I love it, we can turn up, we can play darts. Nobody judges you and a lot of ProTours, there’s a lot of back biting and you don’t want that when you want to play darts.”