Lisa Ashton beat Corrine Hammond 5-0 to win the Women’s Grand Slam of Darts Qualifier.

The Lancashire Rose will join BDO World Champion Mikuru Suzuki in the 2020 BoyleSports Grand Slam of Darts.

It will be the second time the four time World Champion has played at the event. She made her debut last year, losing out in a tough group.

Lisa Ashton eased through the field to win the 2020 Women’s Grand Slam Qualifier.

Ashton eases through to win

Ashton, who became the first woman ever to win a PDC Tour Card through Q-School in January, looked in a class of one throughout the day in Barnsley.

After getting a bye to round two, she started off her campaign by whitewashing Christina Cronin 5-0. In her board final, she faced Maria O’Brien and won 5-1.

That set up a last 16 tie v Felicia Blay, Fallon Sherrock’s twin sister. In that game, Ashton averaged 83 as she defeated Blay 5-2 to move into the quarter finals. There, she dispatched Vicky Prium 5-1.

This set up a semi final against Deta Hedman, in which she missed plenty of chances to wrap it up sooner. In the end though, she came through 5-2 to meet Hammond in the final, who had knocked out Fallon Sherrock 5-4 in the other semi final.

Ashton, who had only dropped six legs all day at this point, looked the calmer player throughout. With Hammond on double eight, she took out 58 to break straight away in the first leg. She then consolidated the break in the next to go 2-0 up.

The Lancashire Rose then took advantage again in the next leg. With Hammond left on double 16, Ashton found a 66 finish for a 15 dart break, and never looked back. She held throw once more, before pinging double ten in the fifth leg to whitewash Hammond 5-0 and make the Grand Slam of Darts for the second straight year.

It was not to be for Corrine Hammond as she lost to Lisa Ashton in the final of the Women’s Grand Slam qualifier.

Qualifier Results


Lisa Ashton 5-3 Corrine Hammond

Semi Finals

Lisa Ashton 5-2 Deta Hedman

Corrine Hammond 5-4 Fallon Sherrock


Quarter Finals

Lisa Ashton 5-1 Vicky Pruim

Deta Hedman 5-0 Anastasia Dobromyslova

Corrine Hammond 5-4 Beau Greaves

Fallon Sherrock 5-3 Laura Turner

Round Four

Lisa Ashton 5-2 Felicia Blay

Vicky Pruim 5-4 Giffy Khaosoi

Deta Hedman 5-3 Joanne Locke

Anastasia Dobromyslova 5-3 Donna Gleed

Corrine Hammond 5-3 Rachel Brooks

Beau Greaves 5-2 Anca Zijlstra

Laura Turner 5-1 Kirsty Gibbs

Fallon Sherrock 5-0 Chloe O’Brien

Round Three

Felicia Blay 5-0 Sandra Page

Lisa Ashton 5-1 Maria O’Brien

Vicky Pruim 5-2 Denise Cassidy

Giffy Khaosoi 5-1 Caroline Breen

Deta Hedman 5-2 Evonne Taylor

Joanne Locke 5-1 Annmarie Potts

Donna Gleed 5-2 Aletta Wajer

Anastasia Dobromyslova 5-0 Lindsey Ashton

Corrine Hammond 5-2 Donna-Maria Rainsley

Rachel Brooks 5-0 Holly Meadwell

Beau Greaves 5-2 Robyn Byrne

Anca Zijlstra 5-2 Katie Sheldon

Kirsty Gibbs 5-3 Tracy North

Laura Turner 5-4 Josie Paterson

Fallon Sherrock 5-4 Lorraine Hyde

Chloe O’Brien 5-3 Courtney Hine

Round Two

Felicia Blay 5-4 Kirsty Hutchinson

Sandra Page 5-2 Vikki Tasker

Lisa Ashton 5-0 Christina Cronin

Maria O’Brien 5-2 Rebecca Edwards

Denise Cassidy 5-3 Claire Stamper

Vicky Pruim 5-4 Lerena Rietbergen

Caroline Breen 5-2 Sharon Godbeer

Giffy Khaosoi 5-0 Samantha Lewis

Evonne Taylor 5-1 Jo Clements

Deta Hedman 5-0 Lainey Webb

Annmarie Potts 5-2 Laura Patton

Joanne Locke 5-0 Mandy Solomons

Aletta Wajer 5-0 Carla Boyes

Donna Gleed 5-3 Crissy Manley

Anastasia Dobromyslova 5-3 Tracey Davies

Lindsey Ashton 5-2 Marlene Badger

Donna-Maria Rainsley 5-4 Terri-Frances Kidwell

Corrine Hammond 5-2 Suzanne Smith

Rachel Brooks 5-0 Linda Rietbergen

Holly Meadwell 5-1 Shelly Price

Beau Greaves 5-0 Amanda Harwood

Katie Sheldon 5-4 Rhian O’Sullivan

Anca Zijlstra 5-0 Debbie McBride

Tracy North 5-4 Phonsawan Whillis

Kirsty Gibbs 5-1 Casey Gallagher

Laura Turner 5-2 Natalie Davey

Josie Paterson 5-1 Jo Rolls

Fallon Sherrock 5-2 Sherrie Yeomans

Lorraine Hyde 5-0 Margaret Sutton

Courtney Hine 5-1 Sue Cusick

Chloe O’Brien 5-0 Judy Hendriksen

Round One

Vicky Prium 5-4 Christine Readhead

Giffy Khaosoi 5-0 Catherine Handley

Joanne Locke 5-3 Aileen de Graaf

Crissy Manley 5-1 Mandy Smith

Lindsey Ashton 5-0 Jane Shearing

Beau Graves 5-0 Sarah Milkowski

Anca Zijlstra 5-0 Eileen Askew

Jo Rolls 5-0 Emma Smith

Lorraine Hyde 5-3 Lorraine Winstanley

Chloe O’Brien 5-0 Stefanie Huengsberg