PDC 2022 Masters Draw, Live Scores and Schedule of Play

The 2022 Masters draw live score and schedule of play has been released and can be found below. Over the weekend of action, you will be able to find the schedule, results and how to watch the Masters all here.


The Masters is the start of the 2022 PDC season. Played at the Mashall Arena in Milton Keynes, the fans return to the Masters after a year behind closed doors in 2021. Defending champion Jonny Clayton will start his defence of the Masters title on Saturday night against either Dimitri Van den Bergh or Ian White. The newly crowned World Champion Peter Wright will play either Dirk van Duijvenbode or Simon Whitlock, while Michael van Gerwen will play Devon Petersen or Luke Humphries.


All the action from the Masters can be streamed here.

PDC 2022 Masters Draw, Live Scores and Schedule of Play
PDC 2022 Masters Draw, Live Scores and Schedule of Play (PDC)

Schedule of Play

Friday January 28 (1900 GMT)

First Round

Krzysztof Ratajski v Gabriel Clemens

Dave Chisnall v Stephen Bunting

Ryan Searle v Mervyn King

Rob Cross v Brendan Dolan

Dimitri Van den Bergh v Ian White

Joe Cullen v Daryl Gurney

Dirk van Duijvenbode v Simon Whitlock

Devon Petersen v Luke Humphries


Saturday January 29

Second Round

Afternoon Session (1245 GMT)

Jose de Sousa v Cross/Dolan

Gary Anderson v Cullen/Gurney

Michael Smith v Ratajski/Clemens

James Wade v Chisnall/Bunting


Evening Session (1900 GMT)

Jonny Clayton v Van den Bergh/White

Gerwyn Price v Searle/King

Peter Wright v Van Duijvenbode/Whitlock

Michael van Gerwen v Petersen/Humphries


Sunday January 30

Afternoon Session (1245 GMT)



Evening Session (1900 GMT)



Draw Bracket

(1) Gerwyn Price v (16) Ryan Searle/(17) Mervyn King

(8) Jonny Clayton v (9) Dimitri Van den Bergh/(24) Ian White

(4) James Wade v (13) Dave Chisnall/(20) Stephen Bunting

(5) Michael Smith v (12) Krzysztof Ratajski/(21) Gabriel Clemens

(2) Peter Wright v (15) Dirk van Duijvenbode/(25) Simon Whitlock

(7) Jose de Sousa v (10) Rob Cross/(23) Brendan Dolan

(3) Michael van Gerwen v (26) Devon Petersen/(19) Luke Humphries

(6) Gary Anderson v (11) Joe Cullen/(22) Daryl Gurney

NB: Danny Noppert and Nathan Aspinall withdrew following the announcement of the draw, and are replaced by the next-ranked players from the PDC Order of Merit, Simon Whitlock and Devon Petersen respectively.



First Round Best of 11 legs

Second Round Best of 19 legs

Quarter-Finals Best of 19 legs

Semi-Finals Best of 21 legs

Final Best of 21 legs


Prize Fund

Winner £60,000

Runner-Up £25,000

Semi-Finalists £17,500

Quarter-Finalists £10,000

Last 16 £5,000

Last 24 £2,500

Total £220,000


Roll of Honour

2013 Phil Taylor def Adrian Lewis 10-1

2014 James Wade def Mervyn King 11-10

2015 Michael van Gerwen def Raymond van Barneveld 11-6

2016 Michael van Gerwen def Dave Chisnall 11-6

2017 Michael van Gerwen def Gary Anderson 11-7

2018 Michael van Gerwen def Raymond van Barneveld 11-9

2019 Michael van Gerwen def James Wade 11-5

2020 Peter Wright def Michael Smith 11-10

2021 Jonny Clayton def Mervyn King 11-8


Outright Winner

4/1 Gerwyn Price, Peter Wright

9/2 Michael van Gerwen

13/2 Jonny Clayton

7/1 Michael Smith

16/1 Gary Anderson

25/1 Jose de Sousa, Dimitri Van den Bergh, James Wade, Rob Cross

33/1 Ryan Searle, Luke Humphries

40/1 Dave Chisnall, Joe Cullen, Krzysztof Ratajski

66/1 Brendan Dolan, Daryl Gurney, Dirk van Duijvenbode

80/1 Mervyn King, Stephen Bunting

100/1 Gabriel Clemens, Devon Petersen

125/1 Ian White, Simon Whitlock


First Round Match Odds

8/13 Krzysztof Ratajski v 13/10 Gabriel Clemens

8/11 Dave Chisnall v 11/10 Stephen Bunting

8/13 Ryan Searle v 13/10 Mervyn King

8/13 Rob Cross v 13/10 Brendan Dolan

2/5 Dimitri Van den Bergh v 19/10 Ian White

4/5 Joe Cullen v Evens Daryl Gurney

4/7 Dirk van Duijvenbode v 11/8 Simon Whitlock

10/3 Devon Petersen v 2/9 Luke Humphries


Odds correct at time of writing. Subject to fluctuation.