PDC UK Open 2023 Draw – Rounds 1-3

The draw for the first three rounds of the 2023 Cazoo UK Open has been made.

The first three rounds will be played in the afternoon of Friday 3rd March. The fourth round draw, where the likes of Gerwyn Price, Michael van Gerwen and Peter Wright will enter, takes place immediately afterwards.

PDC UK Open 2023 Draw - Rounds 1-3
PDC UK Open 2023 Draw – Rounds 1-3

2023 Cazoo UK Open Schedule of Play

Afternoon Session (1100 GMT, Main Stage from 1145 GMT)
Main Stage
(2x R1, 4x R2, 4x R3)
Luke Littler v Nick Fullwell (R1)
Jelle Klaasen v Josh Payne (R1)
Danny Jansen v Bradley Brooks (R2)
Connor Scutt v Jimmy Hendriks (R2)
James Richardson/Tricole v Richie Burnett (R2)
Keegan Brown v Girvan/Zonneveld (R2)
Adrian Lewis v Joe Murnan (R3)
Josh Rock v Luke Woodhouse (R3)
Montgomery/Jenkins/Warner v Simon Whitlock (R3)

Stage Two
(4x R1, 4x R2, 4x R3)
Gian van Veen v Robert Owen (R1)
James Richardson v Thibault Tricole (R1)
Lukas Wenig v Jeffrey de Zwaan (R1)
Sebastian Bialecki v Joshua Richardson (R1)
Jules van Dongen v Kevin Doets (R2)
Rusty-Jake Rodriguez v Littler/Fullwell (R2)
Matt Campbell v Van Trijp/Holt (R2)
Labre/Klose v Mario Vandenbogaerde (R2)
Florian Hempel v Jamie Hughes (R3)
Boris Krcmar v Jermaine Wattimena (R3)
Steve Beaton v Scutt/Hendriks (R3)
Scott Williams v Klaasen/Payne/Pietreczko (R3)

Stage Three
(4x R1, 4x R2, 5x R3)
Jurjen van der Velde v Brett Claydon (R1)
Geert Nentjes v Christian Kist (R1)
Arron Monk v Vladimir Andersen (R1)
Dan Read v Callum Loose (R1)
Jose Justicia v Mickey Mansell (R2)
Cameron Menzies v Moston/Neyens (R2)
Ted Evetts v McEwan/Lauby (R2)
L Gurney/Pilgrim v Burton/Smith-Neale (R2)
William O’Connor v Devon Petersen (R3)
Lewy Williams v Jansen/Brooks (R3)
Van Dongen/Doets v Szaganski/Kciuk (R3)
Labre/Klose/Vandenbogaerde v Adam Gawlas (R3)
Rusty-Jake Rodriguez/Littler/Fullwell v Ritchie Edhouse (R3)

Stage Four
(4x R1, 4x R2, 4x R3)
Conor Heneghan v Daniel Lee (R1)
Graham Hall v Jeffrey Sparidaans (R1)
Jacques Labre v Daniel Klose (R1)
Karel Sedlacek v Harry Lane (R1)
Luc Peters v James Wilson (R2)
Damian Mol v Davey/L Evans (R2)
Read/Loose v Brian Raman (R2)
Bialecki/Joshua Richardson v White/Roelofs (R2)
Ryan Joyce v Mike De Decker (R3)
Menzies/Moston/Neyens v Ian White (R3)
Jim Williams v Van Veen/Owen/Waites (R3)
Slevin/Kuivenhoven/Wilkinson v Monk/Andersen/Goffin/Knops (R3)

Stage Five
(4x R1, 4x R2, 4x R3)
Andy Jenkins v Adam Warner (R1)
Noel Grant v Graham Usher (R1)
Nathan Girvan v Niels Zonneveld (R1)
Michael Flynn v Jonathan Wynn (R1)
Richard Veenstra v Jamie Clark (R2)
Taylor/Webster v Tony Martinez (R2)
Heneghan/Lee v Rupprecht/Kenny (R2)
Hall/Sparidaans v Thomas Banks (R2)
Martijn Kleermaker v Steve Lennon (R3)
Martin Lukeman v Read/Loose/Raman (R3)
Madars Razma v Cole/Van der Wal/Killington (R3)
James Richardson/Tricole/Burnett v Van der Velde/Claydon/R Huybrechts (R3)

Stage Six
(4x R1, 4x R2, 4x R3)
Callum Goffin v Robbie Knops (R1)
Pascal Rupprecht v Nick Kenny (R1)
Jarred Cole v Jitse Van der Wal (R1)
Jim McEwan v Danny Lauby (R1)
Kevin Burness v Nathan Rafferty (R2)
Grant/Usher v John O’Shea (R2)
Wenig/De Zwaan v Nentjes/Kist (R2)
Klaasen/Payne v Ricardo Pietreczko (R2)
Mensur Suljovic v Justicia/Mansell (R3)
Keane Barry v Mol/Davey/L Evans (R3)
Jeff Smith v Campbell/Van Trijp/Holt (R3)
Flynn/Wynn/Sedlacek/Lane v L Gurney/Pilgrim/Burton/Smith-Neale (R3)

Stage Seven
(4x R1, 4x R2, 4x R3)
Jim Moston v Kenny Neyens (R1)
Dylan Slevin v Maik Kuivenhoven (R1)
Gary Davey v Lee Evans (R1)
Danny van Trijp v Christopher Holt (R1)
Radek Szaganski v Krzysztof Kciuk (R2)
Van Veen/Owen v Scott Waites (R2)
Van der Velde/Claydon v Ronny Huybrechts (R2)
Flynn/Wynn v Sedlacek/Lane (R2)
Ryan Meikle v Burness/Rafferty (R3)
Andrew Gilding v Taylor/Webster/Martinez (R3)
Brown/Girvan/Zonneveld v Darius Labanauskas (R3)
Evetts/McEwan/Lauby v Bialecki/Joshua Richardson/S White/Roelofs (R3)

Stage Eight
(4x R1, 4x R2, 4x R3)
Dom Taylor v Darren Webster (R1)
Lewis Gurney v Darryl Pilgrim (R1)
Stuart White v Owen Roelofs (R1)
Stephen Burton v Adam Smith-Neale (R1)
Ross Montgomery v Jenkins/Warner (R2)
Slevin/Kuivenhoven v Shaun Wilkinson (R2)
Cole/Van der Wal v George Killington (R2)
Monk/Andersen v Goffin/Knops (R2)
Veenstra/Clark v Rowby-John Rodriguez (R3)
Ricky Evans v Grant/Usher/O’Shea (R3)
Wenig/De Zwaan/Nentjes/Kist v Peters/Wilson (R3)
Hall/Sparidaans/Banks v Heneghan/Lee/Rupprecht/Kenny (R3)

What’s the draw for the rest of the event?

The draw for each remaining round of the UK Open will be conducted after the previous round. The fourth round draw takes place around 17.00 GMT on Friday evening, with the fourth round matches happening from 19.00 GMT.

The draw for the fifth round will take place straight after?

Are there any seeds/Is the UK open draw seeded?

No. The draw is completely open, so anyone could face anyone.

What are the stage schedules?

The stage schedules for the first afternoon of the UK Open will be announced soon by the PDC.

How can I follow the UK Open?

The UK Open will be live on ITV in the UK. You can also watch it outside the UK via the PDC’s broadcast partners, such as Viaplay or DAZN.

You can also live stream the event. Find out more here.

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