Peter Wright warns the rest he’s not ready to retire yet “I’m not ready for retirement,”

With a stunning comeback on Thursday night, Peter Wright survived an early elimination in the European Championship. With considerable struggle and difficulty, the two-time world champion defeated Gabriel Clemens in the first round.

The Scot trailed 1-4 against ‘The German Giant,’ until a material adjustment sparked a comeback. Wright tied the game at 5-5 with another set of darts before ‘Snakebite’ won with an 11-darter.

After the Scot admitted that he wasn’t ready for retirement after the thought had crossed his mind.

”I’m just starting to feel confident in my own abilities. I’m not ready for retirement,” he declares. “I can still push these youngsters coming through. I’m going still play the game and I’ll do that as long as my life allows it.”

Peter Wright warns the rest he
Peter Wright warns the rest he’s not ready to retire yet “I’m not ready for retirement,” (PDC)

Earlier this year, Wright admitted he thought about hanging up the darts when he was out of form. ”Yeah well, you know, I’ve seen many players in the rankings tumble down so quickly and all of them fantastic dart players and they’ve not even got a Tour Card and stuff. In the back of your mind, you’re thinking am I going to be one of them players?”

When Wright was trailing 4-1 he made the switch back to the Michael van Gerwne darts that he started to use the the World Grand Prix.

”MvG’s darts work alright don’t they under pressure. He normally wins last legs so I thought, get MvG’s darts out. I was just chasing all the way through the game to be honest. I’ve tried out a setup which I’m going to throw with in the future but I don’t know if I was aiming too much, so I just needed to get out MvG’s darts.”