Peter Wright’s brutal rant at Chris Mason and apology to Chris Dobey

Peter Wright narrowly defeated Krzysztof Ratajski 10-8 at the 2024 Masters, despite having a 6-0 lead at one point. Wright advanced to the Quarter-Finals on Sunday.

However, he was more interested in discussing the Premier League after the match. He burst into a rant at ITV pundit and broadcaster Chris Mason for suggesting that Chris Dobey should have been chosen for the weekly roadshow instead. ‘Snakebite’ claimed Dobey had never won a true major and referred to his success at the Masters last year as ‘Mickey Mouse’. He stated that in his opinion, the resume he possesses carries more weight than one title.

“It was to shut Chris Mason up saying Chris Dobey should be in the Premier League. What’s he won? He won a Masters, a Mickey Mouse tournament. It’s all he’s won. Has he won a European Championship? Has he won a major? A proper major, no he hasn’t,” said Wright

“Yes he was a better player last year, but so what. I won two World titles, two World Cups, two European Championships and a Matchplay.”

On the other hand, he acknowledges that he is fortunate to be a part of the weekly competition and that he was chosen since Luke Humphries won every event bar the European Championship.

“I’ve always said I was lucky to get into the Premier League. The reason I got into the Premier League was that Luke Humphries won four tournaments at the end, it’s not my fault no-one tried to stop him. I’m going to start playing darts properly in the Premier League so I’ll shut everyone up.”

Peter Wright
Peter Wright’s brutal rant at Chris Mason and apology to Chris Dobey (PDC/Taylor Lanning)

Wright Apology

Peter Wright has apologised for his ‘Mickey Mouse’ remarks on Chris Dobey’s Masters victory last year.

The reigning Masters champion was chastised by an enraged Snakebite, who struck back at comments implying he should not have been allowed a spot in the Darts Premier League, despite Dobey being one of the eight players selected last year.

Dobey won his first PDC premier tournament last year, the 2023 Masters, by defeating Rob Cross in the final, who had previously defeated Wright in the semi-final. His triumph saw him nominated one of eight players, including Snakebite, for last year’s Premier League, but after reaching the quarter-finals of the World Championship, he was left out this year.

Wright issued an apology to Dobey, saying that it ‘wasn’t a personal dig’. He wrote: “I would like to apologise to Chris Dobey, it wasn’t meant to be a dig at him personally, it was about being picked for the premiere league [sic] and the criticism about being pick over Chris Dobey. Not that I know if it was a choice between us or not.”

Wright previously admitted that world champ Luke Humphries’ darting dominance at the end of 2023 helped his Premier League cause, as ‘Cool Hands’ scooped three tournaments before his Ally Pally glory. Wright said: “I’ve already said I’m lucky to get in the Premier League. It’s because of Luke Humphries winning four tournaments at the end, it’s not my fault everyone else didn’t try and stop him.