Russ Bray returns following Operation “Going and getting it done, it’s a new lease of life.”

Russ Bray
Russ Bray is one of the most well known referees in the PDC.

Russ Bray had a break from the stage recently to have a much needed hip operation. The Voice who has been with the PDC since the 1990’s has been suffering with hip problems. He recently had a successfully operation which has seen him return to our screens on the big stage.

“Going and getting it done, it’s a new lease of life. That aching pain as gone now I’ve had the operation.”

“I feel amazing now. No tablets at all. No painkillers and it is a lot clearer on the stage.”

Russ had been struggling with this for a number of years and told us that he needed to take things for the pain.

“I’ve been taking tablets. The boys will tell you, I’ve been taking like 30 odd to 40 tablets a day for 2 and a half to 3 years, just to try and control the pain.

“Before I was swaying, it was horrible. A couple of times I’ve said to the people behind to keep an eye on it for me, it’s a horrible feeling.“

Moving forward Russ plans to continue with his work on the Asia & is expecting big things in the future

“Asia Tour and Australia I go out 3 or 4 times a year. Asia tour I love it. There is going to be a Michael van Gerwen, a Phil Taylor, a Eric Bristow in Asia, “

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