Aspinall used Michael Smith’s World Championship victory as inspiration for Matchplay victory

In order to achieve his first Betfred World Matchplay victory at Blackpool’s Winter Gardens last weekend, Nathan Aspinall revealed that he has used close friend and World Champion Michael Smith as his inspiration.

Following nine exciting days of competition at the Empress Ballroom, Aspinall easily defeated Jonny Clayton 18-6 on Sunday’s final with a stunning display of darts.

Smith became World Champion and world number one in January when he defeated Michael van Gerwen at Alexandra Palace. Aspinall has used that as his driving force since overcoming issues that he had earlier in the year.


I said before I’ve got Smithy’s flights in my darts case. I lied to him when he gave them to me and said they were for my kids.

“Keep them in my darts case for motivation, if he can be World Champion and World Number One, I don’t believe I can’t. I’ve got pictures of my kids there and Smithy’s flights, it might be sad but I use stuff like that as inspiration.

Aspinall used Michael Smith
Aspinall used Michael Smith’s World Championship victory as inspiration for Matchplay victory (PDC)

During the Premier League Aspinall was going through all kinds of issues with his throw, and family issues away from the oche. The Asp seemed to hit rock bottom at Bright when he lost to Peter Wright.


Since then we have seen Aspinall rebuild his confidence and in recent weeks has been threatening a huge performance.

Apsimnall now has an eye on playing with Smith in Team England at the 2024 PDC World Cup of Darts

“This is a step in the right direction, I think he’s sat at home happy for me like I was when he won the World’s. Imagine me and him next year in the World Cup team. That’s something I really want to do. Roll on New Zealand at the weekend.”