John Part headlines Qualifiers for Stage Two of Q-School

After three days of Stage one of Qualifying School in Milton Keynes and Kalkar, Stage Two players are finalised.

Part Rolls Back The Years

Three time World Champion John Part is looking to get back on the PDC tour and secured his spot in the second stage on Wednesday in Milton Keynes.

John Part wasn’t able to secure the spot outright on Monday and Tuesday, however a run to the last 64 meant a place in Thursday’s draw was enough.

John Part secures spot in Stage Two.

It was Jacob Gwynne who was the man to stop Darth Maple, and the drama wasn’t finished for Gwynne, who had already secured his spot through the OOM, who was in a last leg shootout against Steven Moss in the Last 32.

Steven Moss wins he progressed to Stage Two, if not it was a Nine Dart Hero William Borland who would progressed, and Borland will owe a massive thank you to Gwynne in Milton Keynes tomorrow after a 95 checkout ended the hopes of Steven Moss.

Following the success of Luke Littler at the World Championship, another two JDC players Leighton Bennett and Henry Coates lit up Wigan with a fantastic days play in Milton Keynes and they will be looking to join The Nuke on Tour.

The eight players to secure the qualification automatically on Wednesday Rhys Griffin, Joe Croft, Leighton Bennett, Lee Cocks, Tom Lonsdale, Scott Taylor, Henry Coates, and Paul Redfern

UK Q-School Order of Merit

Max Hopp Into Stage Two

Former Germany Number one and former Tour Card Holder Max Hopp is looking to get back on tour for the first time since 2022.

Max Hopp comfortably defeated Gordon Mathers on night two of the World Darts Championship. Credit: Lawrence Lustig/PDC

With the field bigger in Kalkar Max Hopp had to come through six games to secure his spot and he was already secure though OOM, however he still completed the day with a win in the final encounter against Martijn Dragt.

Max Hopp was one of eight automatic qualifiers the others were, Franz Roetzsch, Davy Proosten, Benjamin Drue Rues, Stefan Schroder, Ryuta Arihar, Kai Gotthardt, and John Michael

European Q School Order of Merit

UK Qualifying School

First Stage Day Two

Last 16

Rhys Griffin 5-3 Mark Dudbridge

Joe Croft 5-4 Greg Ritchie

Leighton Bennett 5-2 Adam Paxton

Lee Cocks 5-3 Jacob Gwynne

Tom Lonsdale 5-4 James Huthwaite

Scott Taylor 5-3 Derek Maclean

Henry Coates 5-4 Scott Campbell

Paul Redfern 5-3 Joshua Richardson

European Qualifying School

First Stage Day Two

Last 16

Max Hopp 5-4 Martijn Dragt

Franz Roetzsch 5-0 Mladen Radosavljevic

Davy Proosten 5-4 Christian Goedl

Benjamin Drue Rues 5-2 Michele Turetta

Stefan Schroder 5-4 Jeffrey De Graaf

Ryuta Arihara 5-4 Jeroen Caron

Kai Gotthardt 5-3 Patrick Bulen

John Michael 5-3 Dennie Olde Kalter

You can follow the Online Darts team who will be keeping you up to date with the Q-School action on YouTube daily from 12pm for stage two.