Luke Littler won his second Masters title of the season in Gilwice defeating Rob Cross 8-3 in the final. The Nuke had too much for his opponent racing into a 4-1 lead before controlling the game with a 101 average. Cross did manage a few moments of brilliant including a 116 outshot but was no match for his younger opponent who took a superb 164. This was the second time Littler had lifted a Master trophy having won earlier in the year in Bahrain whilst Cross had to settle for being second best again this weekend after falling at the final hurdle in the Nordic Darts Masters last time out.

In the opening match of the night Luke Littler defeated Peter Wright despite Snakebite averaging 110. Despite only averaging 98 the Nuke hit 50% of his doubles and 3 maximums as he continues his winning streak against Peter Wright. Despite Wright’s ton plus average he will be disappointed to have only hit 33% of his doubles.

The first semi final saw a repeat of the Premier League semi final as Luke Littler and Michael Smith faced off for a place in the Poland Darts Masters final. Unlike finals night in the Premier League it was Bully Boy who raced into a 4-1 lead only to be pegged back to 4 apiece by Littler. They then exchanged legs to take it to a last leg decider where Littler eventually stumbled over the line. Between them they missed 26 darts at a double but still managed to both average over 101.

Rob Cross’s route the final

The third quarter final saw Rob Cross take on Stephen Bunting and it was voltage who came out on top 6-4 despite the Bullet having a slightly higher average. Stephen Bunting did take out a magnificent 164 but it was a case of too many missed darts at a double – 9 in total that was his downfall. Cross missed 5 himself but 4 maximums helped him get over the line.

Rob Cross playing at the 2024 BetMGM Premier League Darts
Rob Cross couldn’t follow up on his performance semi final performance against Luke Littler in the final. Credit: PDC

The second semi final saw Rob Cross take on Michael van Gerwen – and for the third straight week Rob Cross made it through to the final winning 7-2. Despite his heroics in the quarter final MVG couldn’t back that up only averaging 92 compare to Rob Cross’s 106. Whilst there was a significant difference in the averages – missed doubles were yet again a factor as Van Gerwen only hit 2 out of his 9 attempts.

Elsewhere in Gliwice

The second match of the evening threw together  two of the worlds top 3 players in Michael Smith and world number 1 Luke Humphries and it was Bully Boy who came through a last leg decider to book his place in the semi-final. After eight holds of throw Luke Humphries broke in the 9th leg only to lose the very next leg with Michael Smith taking 134 out on tops tops to force a decider. Smith then held his throw in the decider having watched Humphries  miss one match dart at double 20 trying to emulate Michael Smith’s double double when Cool Hand Luke left himself on a 100.

The final quarter final saw the most one sided tie of the evening with Michael van Gerwen proving far too powerful for Boris Krcmar with the Dutch star winning 6-0. Averaging just shy of 110 MVG hit 66% of his doubles and restricted his opponent to a solitary dart at a double.

Saturday June 15th Results

Quarter Final

Luke Littler 6|3 Peter Wright
Michael Smith 6|5 Luke Humphries
Rob Cross 6|4 Stephen Bunting
Michael van Gerwen 6|0 Boris Krcmar

Semi Final

Luke Littler 7|6 Michael Smith
Rob Cross 7|2 Michael van Gerwen


Luke Littler 8|3 Rob Cross