McDonald and Clark Take Challenge Tours 5 & 6

The winner of Event Five was Shaun Mcdonald with victory over Nathan Girvan. Jamie Clark picked up the final PDC UK Challenge Tour title of the weekend with victory over Ryan Palmer.

What an eventful day we have had at Milton Keynes. Event Five we saw all the players evacuated from the building due to a small electrical fire in the venue. At Event Six it had came to light that one of the players had tested positive for Covid-19, which meant they had to withdraw from the tournament. Also a number of other players had to withdraw who had been in close contact with him.

Shaun McDonald, who has recently competed in the Online Darts League, has continued his excellent form on the Challenge Tour and will be delighted to be in the winner’s circle this weekend.

Shaun McDonald added his first PDC Challenge Tour title to his record, with a last leg win over Gavin Carlin in the final of Event Five.

Event Six we saw an outstanding Jamie Clark take the title. Prior to the final Jamie Clark had won six out of his seven games 5-1, these included wins with averages of 101.11 & 102.21.

Jamie then clinched the title with a win 5-3 over Ryan Palmer

McDonald and Clark Take Challenge Tours 5 & 6
McDonald and Clark Take Challenge Tours 5 & 6

This weekend we have seen six different winners.

Event 1 – Darren Beveridge

Event 2 – Jim Williams

Event 3 – Jim McEwan

Event 4 – Adam Smith-Neale

Event 5 – Shaun Mcdonald

Event 6 – Jamie Clark

That is it for Challenge tour action this weekend. However, tomorrow we have the European Tour Associate Qualifiers.

Challenge Tour 1 & 2 Results

Challenge Tour 3 & 4 Results


Challenge Tour 5


Nathan Girvan 5-3 Robert Collins

Kyle Richardson 5-2 Colin Osbourne

Shaun McDonald 5-1 Kevin Garcia

Kevin Burness 5-2 Carl Beattie


Nathan Girvan 5-4 Kyle Richardson

Shaun McDonald 5-0 Kevin Burness


Shaun McDonald 5-4 Nathan Girvan

Challenge Tour 6


Gavin Carlin 5-1 Robbie Ellis

Ryan Palmer 5-4 Jamie Robinson

Lewis Pride 5-2 John Bowles

Jamie Clark 5-1 Jim Williams


Ryan Palmer 5-3 Gavin Carlin

Jamie Clark 5-1 Lewis Pride


Jamie Clark 5-3 Ryan Palmer