PDC Challenge Tour Day 5 Roundup – Titles for Robinson, Rafferty, Noster and Bialecki.

The PDC Challenge Tour continued today for the second and final weekend of events at Milton Keynes and Niedernhausen.

There is so much to play for this weekend, with the winner of the Order of Merit from the UK & Europe getting a PDC Tour Card for 2022/23 and a place in the 2022 William Hill PDC World Championship.

We have one more day of action, with two more events being completed at each venue tomorrow.

Robinson and Rafferty Win in Milton Keynes

Reece Robinson hit a 160 checkout and survived 5 match darts in his final against American Danny Lauby. The road to victory included wins against Shane Price (5-1), Richie Burnett (5-1) and Cameron Menzies (5-2) in the semis.

But perhaps the highlight of Event 9 was Lorraine Winstanley’s 5-2 win over her husband in the first round.

Event 10 saw Nathan Rafferty claim a 5-2 victory over Robert Rickwood with a 104 checkout. The Northern Irishman defeated Jamie Clark (5-4), Robert Collins (5-4) and Adam Mould (5-4) to reach the final.

Rafferty defeats Rickwood to win Challenge Tour 10

Noster and Bialecki victorious in Germany

European PDC Challenge Tour Event 9 was won by the German Steven Noster. He had a tournament average of over 90 in an impressive day that ended with a 5-2 win over yesterday’s runner-up Jimmy Hendriks. His route saw him beat Sebastian Steyer (5-1), Kristiaan de Boer (5-1), Kevin Blomme (5-4) and Brian Raman (5-3) in the semis.

Sebiastian Bialecki lit up the UK Open with his 9 darter earlier this year and now he is in the winner’s circle. He checked out 70 after surviving a match dart from runner up Kevin Doets. The young Pole beat Luc Peters (5-3), Lukas Wenig (5-4) and Thibault Tricole (5-4) to reach the final.

UK Open hero Sebastian Bialecki becomes Challenge Tour winner


PDC UK Challenge Tour 9


Connor Scutt 5-2 David Pallett

Danny Lauby 5-3 Niall Culleton

Cameron Menzies 5-3 Neil MacDougall

Reece Robinson 5-1 Richie Burnett


Danny Lauby 5-4 Connor Scutt

Reece Robinson 5-2 Cameron Menzies


Reece Robinson 5-4 Danny Lauby

PDC European Challenge Tour 9


Jose Justicia 5-4 Ricardo Pietreczko

Jimmy Hendriks 5-3 Chris Landman

Brian Raman 5-4 Michael Rasztovits

Steven Noster 5-4 Kevin Blomme


Jimmy Hendriks 5-3 Jose Justicia

Steven Noster 5-3 Brian Raman


Steven Noster 5-2 Jimmy Hendriks

PDC UK Challenge Tour 10


Robert Rickwood 5-1 Stu Wilson

Connor Scutt 5-3 Arron Monk

Nathan Rafferty 5-4 Robert Collins

Adam Mould 5-4 Jarred Cole


Robert Rickwood 5-4 Connor Scutt

Nathan Rafferty 5-4 Adam Mould


Nathan Rafferty 5-2 Robert Rickwood

PDC European Challenge Tour 10


Sebastian Bialecki 5-4 Lukas Wenig

Thibault Tricole 5-3 Rowby-John Rodriguez

Kevin Doets 5-3 Jose Justicia

Michael Rasztovits 5-4 Christian Kist


Kevin Doets 5-2 Michael Rasztovits

Sebstian Bialecki 5-4 Thibault Tricole


Sebastian Bialecki 5-4 Kevin Doets