The PDC Autumn Series has been moved from Hildesheim to Niedernhausen. The news was released via the PDC website this morning. Following concerns from players the Autumn Series will operate the same ‘bubble’ as for the Summer Series that was held in Milton Keynes.

Over the last week, it had become clear that trying to get the UK based players to Hildesheim was going to be a problem. Airlines had cancelled many direct flights to Hannover, leaving the options long and limited to get to Hildesheim.

The PDC Autumn Series has been moved to Niedernhausen
The PDC Autumn Series has been moved to Niedernhausen


Matt Porter

PDC Chief Executive Matt Porter said

“This change has been carefully considered in response to the ever-evolving pandemic situation in different territories.

“As with everything we have done since returning to action, the health and safety of our players and staff is our top priority, and we believe this is the right thing to do.

“We have a large number of non-UK Tour Card Holders and staging events outside the UK is absolutely fair, but only if it can be done under satisfactory conditions, and we will be able to achieve that in Niedernhausen.

“Following several flight cancellations into Hannover and the confirmation of the World Series Finals in Salzburg being able to take place immediately afterwards, it became apparent that travel to and from Hildesheim would be more challenging, and with players and staff due to be spread across various hotels, we have worked with our partners at PDC Europe and the PDPA to replicate the bubble environment that has worked so well for us in Milton Keynes.

“We will provide transport for players from Frankfurt airport where possible and are establishing testing protocols to ensure the events are played in a fully quarantined environment.

“We have been in contact with players regarding travel arrangements and most had not yet finalised their details, but any who have are asked to contact the PDPA directly so that their situation can be resolved.

“For everyone else, we advise direct travel either to Niedernhausen by road where possible and suitable, but otherwise a direct flight into Frankfurt am Main airport is the best option and accommodation details are being provided to players by the PDPA for booking through PDC Europe.”