Gary Anderson expresses concerns around having to travel for the Autumn Series and is yet to decide if he will go.

The PDC Autumn Series is due to take place from September 12-16 in Hildesheim, Germany. After a spike in COVID 19 cases and more countries being added to the UK quarantine list each week. Double world champion Gary Anderson has raised concerns about having to travel to Germany for the Autumn Series.

Many flights from the UK have already been cancelled over the last seven days. Leaving the UK based PDC tour card holders struggling to get to Hildesheim, with hours of extra travel.

Anderson was speaking to Online Darts during the Target Sports Stars Fishing event. The Flying Scotsman was asked, was he surprised the Pro Tour has been moved outside the UK with everything that was going on at the moment?

Gary Anderson concerns around the Autumn Series
Gary Anderson concerns around the Autumn Series (PDC)

“Oh, we’re getting into politics now. Yeah, I’m not 100% happy about leaving the country, to be honest, so we’re just going to have to see. I meant you think ikt’s getting better then all of a sudden you get on the news and the papers this country shutting down that country shutting down again, so I don’t know, I don’t know what’s going to happen.

“So yeah a bit surprised. Milton Keynes was brilliant like I said staying there playing 5,6,7 days getting all those pro tours over and done within a week fantastic.”

We then asked Gary about the lack of a ‘bubble’ in Germany was part of his concerns, and was there a chance he would travel because of it.

“ We’re now looking at three flights to get there, taxis, trains everything to get there. You know hotels, whats the hotels going to be like.

“I just don’t know, like I say I wanna try looking after myself and my family when I get back. We’re just going to see what happens; it’s still a bit. Still a bit on the red line a bit.”

With the Premier League returning this coming week from Milton Keynes, Anderson will be back in action. It will be interesting to see now that one high profile player has spoken out, will others follow?

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