Wayne Warren has labelled former BDO chairman Des Jacklin, and his wife Paula, as “pigs,” after police were asked to take back the BDO World Championship from his home in February.

The comments came after the 2020 World Champion spoke to Online Darts, following his loss to Jarred Cole in the MAD Global Title match in Manchester.

Warren also described the effect police coming to the door had on his son, and how MAD Darts is the future of the amateur game.

Wayne Warren
Wayne Warren did not hold back when discussing Des and Paula Jacklin. Credit: Lawrence Lustig/PDC

Warren blasts Jacklin’s behaviour

In February, Des Jacklin posted a message on Facebook saying that South Wales Police had recovered the BDO World Darts Championship.

The Facebook post by Des Jacklin saying that the BDO World Darts Championship trophy had been recovered.

Warren, who was the last BDO Men’s World Champion, became extremely angry when asked about what had happened on that day.

“When the police came in to my house, and I had my little boy there, he was six. When he started crying, he was frightened, and ran up the stairs, that’s what hurt me.

“I’ll tell you this now, from this day on. Des Jacklin, and Paula Jacklin, are pigs. Simple as.

“They travelled 450 odd from Lincolnshire down to Pontypridd, and they had friends to help them out, to pick the cup from Pontypridd police station.

“This police officer said they’ll keep in touch with me. They never did. The next time I’d seen it, was in his property, on Facebook.

“That’s what they’re like. Pigs.”

Yank further explained how Mikuru Suzuki and Keane Barry, the last women’s and youth BDO World Champions respectively, still have their trophies. He also gave his thoughts on why MAD is the future of amateur darts.

You can watch the full interview with Wayne Warren below.