Plaisier Victorious in Challenge Tour

Wesley Plaisier overcame Damian Mol in all Dutch final in the last of five Challenge Tour events this weekend in Leicester.

Plaisier, the 2022 WDF World Master was pushed all the way by Mol but managed to find a break of throw in the deciding leg for a 5-4 victory to secure the event win and the £3,000 in prize money. This £3,000 has catapulted Plaisier up the order of merit into 5th position from which he will expect to be called upon to take part in upcoming Pro Tour Events.

Route to the Challenge Tour Event 15 Final

Plaisier beat Sebastian Bialecki 5-3 in his semi-final after a 5-0 whitewash of Darren Armstrong in the Quarter Final where the Dutchman averaged over 101. Damian Mol overcame Dragutin Horvat in his semi-final, putting an end to an exceptional weekend for Horvat. This came after a 5-3 victory for Horvat over Dominik Gruellich at the quarter-final stage.

Elsewhere in Challenge Tour 15

The performance of the day came in the third round when Connor Scott averaged a stunning 109 to beat Sam Spivey 5-0. Scutt, who won Challenge Tour event 13 yesterday was unable to carry this superb form through the afternoon falling in the round of 32 to Darren Armstrong. After this series of events Connor finds himself placed fourth on the Challenge Tour order of merit, also in prime position to be called up to fill spots at  Pro Tour events.

Dragutin Horvat continued an exceptional weekend by reaching the semi-final. The German made back to back finals in events 13 and 14 resulting in his own charge up the order of merit table where he now occupies 8th spot.

Connor Scutt posted an average of 109 in the performance of the day

Challenge Tour Event 15


Damian Mol – Wesley Plaisier


Damian Mol 5-2 Dragutin Horvat

Wesley Plaisier 5-3 Sebastian Bialecki


Dragutin Horvat 5-2 Colin Osborne

Damian Mol 5-3 Dominik Gruellich

Wesley Plaisier 5-0 Darren Armstrong

Sebastian Bialecki 5-3 Sean Fisher