Wessel Nijman and Nathan Rafferty were victorious in Wigan as the 2024 Development Tour continued on Saturday at the famous Robin Park Arena.

As a result of today’s action both players are now placed second and fourth in the Order of Merit table as a result, with the pair eyeing up a spot on the PDC circuit for 2025 and 2026.

Nijman followed up from his semi-final and last 16 performances yesterday to lift his second PDC Development Tour title of the season in the 14th event.

Nijman got off to the best possible start by sealing back-to-back 4-0 wins over the German duo of Dominik Gruellich and David Schlichting to progress to the last 64.

Another whitewash 4-0 win over fellow countryman Moreno Blom followed, averaging 91.09 for the second game running and appeared in cruise control.

His last 32 clash with Coventry born Jenson Walker saw him drop his first leg of the day, but once more won in convincing fashion with a well crafted 4-1 win.

A 95.43 and 102.95 averages in his next two games provided further whitewash wins over Felix Springer and two-time World Champion Beau Greaves to match his best performance from yesterday.

His toughest test was against Nathan Rafferty and was at a point of no return with Rafferty leading 4-2 at one point. The Dutchman upped his game to win a burst of three legs in a row with two 15 darters, before winning the last leg decider with a 14 darter. Rafferty was restricted to zero darts at a double in the process despite his best efforts.

The final matchup with Niko Springer was his second worst average of the day performance wise, but hit a big outshot of 142 to seal victory and pick up the £2,500 cheque.

Northern Irishman Nathan Rafferty was able to seal his Development Tour title of the season to put himself back within a shout of earning the all important tour card.

He was untroubled in his first three games against James Buckby, Janet Hill and Justin van der Velden. Rafferty didn’t play his best stuff, especially in his second game where he averaged a below par 67.55, but was able to not drop a leg.

His biggest test of the event arrived in his last 32 match against Jon-Sebastian Wright, winning in a last leg decider 4-3. Wright was 2-1 and 3-2 up but Rafferty showed his class to round off the match with a 14 darter in the last leg.

Comfortable 4-1 and 5-2 wins over Jake Fewell and Niko Springer respectively put him into the semi-final in a rematch with Nijman from the first event of the day.

While he lost 5-4 in that encounter, Rafferty got his revenge and held his nerve to edge out the Dutchman in event 14 by the same scoreline despite late pressure.

Considering he ended Nijman’s 15 game streak on the Saturday, his confidence was sky high which helped him in the final to beat another Dutchman in Marvin van Velzen 5-3 to pick up the £2,500 jackpot.

Development Tour 13 Results

Last 16:

Nathan Rafferty 4-0 Ryan Branley

Christopher Toonders 4-3 Mason Whitlock

Wessel Nijman 4-0 Felix Springer

Beau Greaves 4-2 Keelan Kay

Niko Springer 4-2 Danny Jansen

Nathan Girvan 4-3 Jarred Cole

Charlie Manby 4-2 Craig Galliano

Keanu van Velzen 4-1 Coby Jones-Swanson


Nathan Rafferty 5-2 Christopher Toonders

Wessel Nijman 5-0 Beau Greaves

Niko Springer 5-4 Nathan Girvan

Keanu van Velzen 5-0 Charlie Manby


Wessel Nijman 5-4 Nathan Rafferty

Niko Springer 5-0 Keanu van Velzen


Wessel Nijman 5-2 Niko Springer

Development Tour 14 Results

Last 16:

Beau Greaves 4-3 Mark Tabak

Marvin van Velzen 4-1 Bradley Brooks

Connor Hopkins 4-2 Dylan Quinn

Owen Roelofs 4-0 Andreas Bienert

Dylan Dowling 4-2 Jimmy Bristow

Wessel Nijman 4-0 Marvin Kraft

Nathan Rafferty 4-1 Jake Fewell

Niko Springer 4-2 James Benton


Marvin van Velzen 5-0 Beau Greaves

Connor Hopkins 5-1 Owen Roelofs

Wessel Nijman 5-2 Dylan Dowling

Nathan Rafferty 5-2 Niko Springer


Marvin van Velzen 5-0 Connor Hopkins

Nathan Rafferty 5-4 Wessel Nijman


Nathan Rafferty