Bradley Phillips receives 4-year ban from the DRA

Back in 2021, the PDC Challenge Tour was thrown into chaos.

In the sixth event, a player tested positive for COVID-19. Players were ejected from the event while in the middle of playing games if they had been in contact with the player.

The player in question was Bradley Phillips, and after an investigation, it transpired that he had given a fake test saying he was negative at the start of the Challenge Tour weekend. Phillips knew he was positive for COVID-19 before the weekend but chose to submit the fake test and play.

During Sunday’s play, there had been a fire drill and the Marshall Arena was evacuated. It was during this time that people heard about Phillips’ fake test.

He was tested by onsite staff and that test came back positive. As such, Phillips was thrown out of the event along with players who he had been in contact with due to government guidelines.

Cases published on the DRA website confirmed that Phillips received a 4-year suspension from all DRA-regulated events.

The charges were as follows, Breach of COVID policy, producing false COVID test results, and infecting three PDC staff members. These are DRA rules 3.1 and 3.7.

Phillips will not be able to play again until 14 February 2025.

Bradley Phillips receives 4-year ban from the DRA
Bradley Phillips receives 4-year ban from the DRA