Gary Anderson rules out a Premier League Return.

Gary Anderson is considering the ultimate act to upset people, which is to reject a potential return to the Premier League in 2024.

Anderson stated during the official Unicorn 2024 Launch to us that he believes his time on the weekly roadshow has come to an end.

Some believe that if Anderson wins a major, he will cause a headache, especially given how he generally comes alive around Christmas and his recent form.

“Enjoyed the European Tours, it’s been a while. Premier League, you know what I think I’m at the age now where I’ve done it, got the T-shirt, thank you very much but no. If I can play the European Tours I can qualify for and do my ProTours, I am happy as Larry,”

No sign of retirement 

Having ruled out a Premier League return Anderson also revealed that he has no plans to retire anytime soon

“It’s straight through, when I stop annoying people I might stop. I love winding folk up and they bite every time. As long as they keep biting, I’ll keep plodding along.

“I’ve got my fishing lakes that I spend a hell of a lot of time at. So I’ve got that, I’ve got the kids going to football matches, horse riding. I’ve got my darts so it’s not just like before which was darts, darts, darts. That wasn’t going down too well with me, I couldn’t keep it going. While it’s hectic, I get away for the darts, sit with Whitey (Ian White) and the boys and have a good laugh. That’s what it’s all about.”

Gary Anderson rules out a Premier League Return 
Gary Anderson rules out a Premier League Return 

Anderson on midweek Pro Tours 

He was also asked about the change to midweek ProTours, which was received with vociferous opposition due to players in the lower echelons possibly having to choose between employment and PDC.

Anderson feels that they should be playing five days a week, just like a job, but that it all comes down to taking a leap of faith.

“We’re professional dart players, I know it’s hard but a long time ago I gave up my work to push in darts. It was either you work, stop playing darts or you have a shot at darts and give up work.”

“The way the sports been even over the last five years, the amount of money these lads can make. It’s a big ask, some have families, you’ve not got that guaranteed wage. It’s a bit of pressure on but then you’ll get the boys that will come through that will thrive on it. Luke Humphries see how he’s done. It is a big push but it’s the PDC for the reason. In my eyes we should be playing Monday-Friday, that’s the normal job time.”