PDC Chief Executive Matt Porter says “no sport benefits from having more than one World Champion,” after explaining the recent decision to ban non tour card holders from playing in both the PDC and WDF World Darts Championship.

In an exclusive interview with Online Darts, Mr Porter explained how the Tomlin Order that came about after the 1990s split in darts means that players could not do so even if they’d not made the decision.

Porter also told us that the 2024 Premier League will have the same format as the last two years, with eight players involved and the knockout night format retained.

PDC Chief Executive Matt Porter discusses the recent World Darts Championship decision
PDC Chief Executive Matt Porter says the recent World Darts Championship decision was made in the “best interests of the PDC.”

If the WDF World Darts Championship hadn’t moved, “there wouldn’t have been a decision for us to make”

Recently, the PDC told the WDF that they will not allow anyone that plays in the 2023 WDF World Darts Championship at Lakeside to also compete in the 2024 PDC World Championship later in December at Alexandra Palace.

The PDC Chief Executive explained the ruling, saying: “The WDF have made the decision to move their World Darts Championship prior to Alexandra Palace. That’s changed the dynamic of things, because it’s the second event that always has to make the decision.

“We’re the second event in the calendar. There has to be a point where you have to make a decision that’s in the best interests of the organisation.

“No sport benefits from having more than one world champion. We strongly believe in integration between the men’s game and women’s game at the elite level. Ultimately, we’ve made a decision that’s in the best interest of the PDC.”

This ruling could affect a few players, including 2023 Women’s World Matchplay Champion Beau Greaves, who’s dominated the PDC Women’s Series this year and also won the 2022 WDF Women’s World Championship.

World Darts Championship
Beau Greaves will have to choose whether she defends her WDF World Darts Championship in 2023 or play in the PDC World Darts Championship. Credit: WDF

Porter said that while the organisation won’t hold it against any player who chooses to play at Lakeside over Alexandra Palace, if she does decide to defend her World title, “it won’t make a material difference to the tournament.”

He also added that had the WDF left their flagship event in either January or April, “there wouldn’t have been a decision for us to make.

“Don’t forget the Tomlin Order in the late 90s prohibits players from playing in two World Championships in the same season. It specifically prohibits that.”

Premier League in 2024 to remain the same

Mr Porter also explained that in 2024, there will be no huge changes to the Premier League in the wide ranging interview.

“We’re not looking at anything significant this year. The feedback that we had, despite the few keyboard warriors who make their views known, and their opinions are perfectly valid, but ultimately our opinion is the one that will get done.

“I get bored from saying the Premier League format has evolved constantly over the history of the Premier League and it will evolve again. For the time being, we’re comfortable how it is.”

There was also discussion on the shift to all midweek Pro Tours, new destinations on the Euro Tour, and much more.

Watch the full sit down with Matt Porter and Online Darts’ Phill Barrs below: