Nathan Aspinall on his battle to get back to the top.

Over the last 18 months during the COVID19 pandemic, Aspinall admitted that he got lazy and lacked the motivation to practice and play to the level he expected of himself.

During his best spell in the PDC Aspinall won both the UK Open and the US Darts Masters, that form fiend him knocking on the door of the top four in the world. However, since the enforced lockdown Aspinall has slipped back down the order of merit.

Only last year, Aspinall made the final of the Premier League, losing out to Glen Durrant. Last month Apinall slipped out of the top ten in the world, which he openly admits hurt when he looked at the rankings.

The Asp explains how his partner made him return to the routines that got him to the top. Now heading into the busiest time of the year, Aspinall tell how he feels he is back to his best and has regained his confidence and his throw is back to where it was and should be.

Nathan Aspinall on his battle to get back to the top.
Nathan Aspinall on his battle to get back to the top. (PDC)

“My girlfriend has supported me over the last ten years through the bad times and my good times, and she sees how disappointed I am when I come away. Not so much TV events, I’m doing okay in them. I rarely get beat prior to the Quarters but ProTours I’m having a nightmare and she keeps seeing the disappointment,”

“She was like put your golf clubs down, you’re here to work, get practicing and for the last two weeks, I have done four hours a day every single day and it’s amazing. I’ve got my confidence back, I’ve got my throw back.”

“Any lads watching this don’t get complacent which is what I’ve done for the last 12 months. I’ve become lazy, you can’t rely on ability alone.”