Peter Wright vows the Premier League won’t ruin his career

After his miserable streak continued, Peter Wright claimed that the Premier League had “ruined careers” for darts players and vowed to avoid it adding his name to that list.

In nine gruelling weeks on a darting roadshow, “Snakebite” has only managed to win one match, brutally exposing his weaknesses.

On Thursday night in Berlin, the two-time world champion was eliminated early by rival Gerwyn Price, 6-3, and is now stuck at the very bottom of the standings.

Wright, who is known for fiddling with his darts, acknowledges that this year’s decision to skip the ProTour events has hampered him in a worrying decline in performance.

The number ranked 2 in the world who is accustomed to performing well on major stages may find it demoralising to experience defeat on a regular basis.

Wright, however, is adamant about not letting a string of losses shake his self-esteem and is holding out hope for a comeback on the oche.

“Having the time off has backfired,I thought if I have time off, it’ll keep me fresh for the Premier League and the Europeans, but obviously it’s not working.

“It’s the Premier League, it’s not quite working but next week it’ll turn and I’ll start winning and I’ll qualify and everyone will go ‘where did he come from?’ I’m losing every week, but it’s one of those things.”

“Somebody’s got to lose, but it’s the way you deal with it,” he added. ‘If you deal with it fine and don’t let it affect you.

“It’s ruined many, many dart players careers the Premier League and it’s not going to ruin mine because I know how to win. I know how to win big majors and I will turn it around.”

Peter Wright vows the Premier League won
Peter Wright vows the Premier League won’t ruin his career (PDC)