Adrian Lewis believes that Fallon Sherrock “the only good thing” coming through in darts.

Speaking after his Players Championship Finals round one victory, the two time back to back World Champion bemoaned the lack of characters coming through in the game.

Jackpot also believed that The Queen of The Palace deserves a place in the 2022 Premier League, and also questioned the ranking system, in a wide ranging interview.

Adrian Lewis
Adrian Lewis says that Fallon Sherrock deserves a place in the 2022 Premier League. Credit: PDC

“There isn’t enough characters in the game”

After celebrating two ton plus checkouts in his victory over The Hurricane, Lewis said that the sport needs more stars.

“I think the characters aren’t the same as they were. I think there isn’t enough characters in the game at the minute, to push the game forward.

“The only good thing I can see is Fallon Sherrock coming through. I think she’s been a breath of fresh air. I thought she was awesome.”

Asked about whether he would put her in the Premier League, Jackpot answered: “before the Peter Wright game [at the Grand Slam of Darts],I’d have questioned it, because it’s short format she’s always played in.

“After the duration, and what she performed in that tournament, averaging 100 after 30 legs… I would.

I just hope she can get a tour card, but I think Lisa [Ashton] has been overlooked.”

Playing his first game on TV since making the quarter finals of The Masters this year, Lewis also questioned the PDC continuing the ranking system during the pandemic.

“A lot of it is not my fault. If you look back at the Grand Prix last year when I tested positive for COVID, every other sport has stopped with the rankings, but ours seem to carry on.

I’ve gone from number 14 to number 35. I think it’s really wrong.”

Listen to the full interview with Adrian Lewis below.