Tony O’Shea fears for the World Masters.

O’Shea fears for the WDF World Masters after the Dutch Open was cancelled. He was speaking to us at the Target Fishing with the Stars event last week.

With time running out before the WDF’s first World Championships in early 2022, Silverback tells how it will be difficult for players to get their ranking points in, and it could be another year without any Majors.

Tony O
Tony O’Shea fears for the World Masters. (PDC)

“Before it went off in Holland, I’d arranged to go to the Dutch Open, which was early September. That’s gone now, so it makes you wonder whether we will get that much in now.”

“People are scared of travelling, and the Dutch have obviously wiped that out, so I’m not booking anything until the very last minute. Holland’s got it bad at the moment, so I can see that going, and all of a sudden, that’s another year with no majors.

“It’s going to be difficult for people to get their ranking points because obviously, we can’t travel to do the tournaments. I just hope everything goes well in Selsey in September.”

For the WDF, it would be a crushing blow if the Masters wasn’t to go ahead in 2021 after they announced that they would be returning to the Lakeside in 2022 for their World Championships.
The 2022 World Championships would be the WDF’s firsts, so getting an entire qualifying cycle as close to possible is critical. If not, whoever is crowned their first World Champion could be tarnished if some of the more prominent names weren’t there.

Everyone hopes the WDF finds a way to get the 2021 World Masters on, even if they have to move it from Holland for a year.

Watch Tony’s interview in full below.