PDC Challenge Tour Day Four Roundup – Titles For Dennant and Thomas

The PDC Challenge Tour returned today for the second and final weekend of events at Milton Keynes and Niedernhausen.

There is so much to play for this weekend, with the winner of the Order of Merit from the UK & Europe getting a PDC Tour Card for 2022/23 and a place in the 2022 William Hill PDC World Championship.

We have two more days of action, with four more events being completed at each venue this weekend.

In Milton Keynes it was Martin Thomas who picked up the first title of the day, defeating Shaun McDonald in the final. Martin also picked up wins against, Connor Scutt (5-1), Russell Murphy (5-2), Daniel Day (5-3), Rhys Hayden (5-1), Robert Thornton (5-4), Reece Robinson (5-0)

Matthew Dennant won his first PDC title of 2021 punishing nine missed match darts from Darren Beveridge. The Scholar’s run to final included impressive wins against former World Champion Richie Burnett (5-2) and former PDC World Championship semi finalist Jamie Lewis (5-1).

PDC Challenge Tour
Matthew Dennant claimed his first title of 2021 at the PDC Challenge Tour.

Spanish players dominate in Germany

Niedernhausen in Germany was the host of the European Development Tour.

In Europe we saw two players pick up their first PDC titles with Jose Justica & Toni Alcinas coming through the field.

Jose Justicia won one of the events in Neiderhausen today.

After defeating Niko Springer 5-1 in the final it was Jose Justica who picked up Challenge Tour 7 title. His route to the final consisted of impressive wins over Matt Campbell (5-1), Rowby-John Rodriguez (5-2) and Damian Mol (5-2).

We had a noble in the event eight final, with Alcinas getting the better of Jimmy Hendriks after defeating, Erik Tautfest (5-1), Marrjin Dragt (5-4), Niko Springer (5-4), Marvin van Velzen, Rowby-John Rodriguez (5-3).


PDC UK Challenge Tour Seven


Shaun McDonald 5-3 Jamie Clark

Steve Hine 5-2 Lloyd Pennell

Martin Thomas 5-4 Robert Thornton

Reece Robinson 5-2 Justin Smith


Shaun McDonald 5-4 Steve Hine

Martin Thomas 5-0 Reece Robinson


Martin Thomas 5-2 Shaun McDonald

Results PDC European Challenge Tour Seven


Jose Justicia 5-2 Rowby-John Rodriguez

Damien Mol 5-4 Jeremy van der Winkel

Davy Proosten 5-3 Franz Roetzsch

Niko Springer 5-2 Gian van Veen


Jose Justicia 5-2 Damian Mol

Niko Springer 5-3 Davy Proosten


Jose Justicia 5-1 Niko Springer

PDC UK Challenge Tour Event Eight


Richie Burnett 5-4 Nathan Rafferty

Matthew Dennant 5-0 Jason Hogg

Keelan Kay 5-2 David Wawrzewski

Darren Beveridge 5-1 Adam Huckvale


Matthew Dennant 5-2 Richie Burnett

Darren Beveridge 5-1 Keelan Kay


Matthew Dennant 5-4 Darren Beveridge

PDC European Challenge Tour Event Eight


Toni Alcinas 5-2 Marvin van Velzen

Rowby-John Rodriguez 5-4 Wesley Plaisier

Jimmy Hendriks 5-3 Mario Vandenbogaerde

Kenny Neyens 5-1 Arjan Konterman


Toni Alcinas 5-3 Rowby-John Rodriguez

Jimmy Hendriks 5-2 Kenny Neyens


Toni Alcinas 5-0 Jimmy Hendriks